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Property , Island in Valdivia Chile

LOS RIOS - Valdivia

US$ 2.000.000


Located near the city of Valdivia, in the south of Chile, this beautiful countryside land has an extention of 717 hectares and it is located in Isla de Rey (King?s Island), it is surrounded by 3 Rivers (Tornagaleones , Angachilla and Valdivia) and it finishes only 10 kilometers away from the Pacific Ocean. It has an extention of over 4 kilometers with Frontage River, with a good flow for small boats, fishing and entertainment. There is a quiet area with lot of native trees 50-200 years old as minimum and very old trees as Millenary Larche trees of over 2.000 years old. The Property distance from the Valdivia is about 15-20 kilometer, but it can only be access by boat, what could become a challenge because it takes over an hour to get to it depending of the boat speed used and weather conditions. Property Size: Total Land: 717 Hectares = 7.170.000 Square meters. -Asking Sales Price for all: USD $2.000.000. plus 2 commission . For more information , please contact us. ( )

717 Has. m2

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